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Thoroughbred #37: Star in Danger by Joanna Campbell5 Thoroughbred #37: Star in Danger by Joanna Campbell

Christina Reese is worried. She's been taking care of Wonder's Star ever since his dam, Wonder, died. Now Star has been sent to Townsend Acres, and Christina misses him terribly. She dreamed of eventing Star in the Olympics one day, but Brad Townsend has already started training him to race. The only way for Christina to be near her colt is to work with Brad. But Star has changed since he left Whitebrook. The once sweet and gentle colt has become wild and difficult to manage. Can Christina save her beloved Star from being ruined?

Thoroughbred #38: Down to the Wire by Joanna Campbell6 Thoroughbred #38: Down to the Wire by Joanna Campbell

Wonder's Star has returned to Whitebrook Farm, and Christina Reese is thrilled to have him home again. But if Star doesn't win one of his first two races, Townsend Acres will take him back forever. Christina isn't a jockey yet -- the thought of racing terrifies her -- but Star won't run well for anyone else. Will Christina have to become Star's jockey in order to save him?

Thoroughbred #39: Living Legend by Joanna Campbell7 Thoroughbred #39: Living Legend by Joanna Campbell

Ever since Christina Reese won her very first race on Wonder's Star, she's been feeling pressure to live up to her mother's reputation as a great jockey. The racing press is full of articles with headlines such as 'Like Mother, Like Daughter!' and 'Winning Races Must Be in the Genes!' But after a disappointing finish in her next race, Christina decides there is no way she can meet such high expectations--she'll never be as good as Ashleigh. After only two starts, will Christina give up racing forever?

Thoroughbred #40: Ultimate Risk by Joanna Campbell8 Thoroughbred #40: Ultimate Risk by Joanna Campbell

Now that Christine Reese and her cousin Melanie Graham are jockeys, they want to ride as many horses for as many trainers as they possibly can. When Christine is asked to ride a difficult horse for one of the best known trainers in Kentucky, she leaps at the chance to prove herself. But she'll have to race against her own horse--Wonder's Star. Is it worth the risk?

Thoroughbred #41: Close Call by Joanna Campbell9 Thoroughbred #41: Close Call by Joanna Campbell

Parker Townsend and Christina Reese haven't seen much of each other lately. Parker is competing in the Olympic trials in combined training and Christina is racing Thoroughbreds. When Parker meets Lyssa Hynde, things only get worse. Lyssa, the daughter of a Montana rancher who rides her horse without a bit, has been winning everything and is fast becoming a celebrity. Christina instantly befriends Lyssa, eager to learn all her tricks. Parker's jealous of Lyssa, and it's affecting his riding. Will Parker let Lyssa ruin his shot at the Olympics?

Thoroughbred #42:The Bad Luck Filly by Joanna Campbell3 Thoroughbred #42: The Bad Luck Filly by Joanna Campbell

Melanie Graham can't help herself--she's fallen in love with the high-spirited black filly, Perfect Image. More than anything, Melanie wants to help train the filly and be the first one to race her. Despite her name, Image is anything but perfect. The filly has been spoiled by her own doting owner since birth, and is impossible to handle. In fact, her trainer wants to give up and turn Image into a broodmare, hoping her foals will have better sense than she does. But Melanie is sure that Image was born to win. Will Melanie fight for the horse she loves?

Thoroughbred #43: Fallen Star by Joanna Campbell4 Thoroughbred #43: Fallen Star by Joanna Campbell

While visiting a track in New York, Christina Reese meets Cindy Blake, the well-known jockey and long-lost member of the Whitebrook family. Cindy has been plagued with shoulder problems throughout her racing career, and Christina is thrilled when her newly found relative aceepts an invitation to come to Whitebrook to rest and heal. But Cindy isn't the mentor Christina hoped she'd be. Bitter about racing, Cindy offers Christina little encouragement or inspiration. Christina's disappointment, however, is soon overshadowed when her beloved horse, Star, falls sick with a deadly virus. Yet to her surprise, she isn't the only one willing to fight for Star's life. Cindy is there, too, helping her nurse her beloved colt. Looking beyond her dreams, Christina wouldn't mind if Star never raced again--she just wants him to live!

Thoroughbred #44: Perfect Image by Joanna Campbell2 Thoroughbred #44: Perfect Image by Joanna Campbell

Image is wild--perhaps too wild to train for the track. But she' s fast, and Melanie Graham wants nothing more than to be her jockey. If only Image's owner and trainer would let her work with the temperamental filly. Melanie isn't the only one interested in Image. Greedy Brad Townsend wants to add her to his breeding stock. Melanie is sure that Image's talent would wasted as a boodmare--the filly was born to run, and with the right rider she could win big. Will Melanie prove that Image can race before it's too late?

Thoroughbred #45: Star's Chance by Joanna Campbell10 Thoroughbred #45: Star's Chance by Joanna Campbell

At last, Wonder's Star has begun to recover from the illness that halted his promising racing career so suddenly. The vet says he'll be back on the track in no time. But Christina Reese is convinced the colt has lost his spirit. She can't seem to communicate with him like she used to. Christina needs help. When Lyssa Hynde offers to work her magic with Star, Christina takes the colt to Lyssa's ranch in Montana to rehabilitate. But Montana is worlds away from the track, and Christina and Star are lost there. Will Christina and Star learn to take risks and trust each other again?

Thoroughbred #46: Racing Image by Joanna Campbell11 Thoroughbred #46: Racing Image by Joanna Campbell

Melanie Graham's dream has come true -- a chance to ride Perfect Image in her first race. Image has been running great, and it looks like they may even have a shot at winning some big-time races. But Melanie and the black filly's trainers have forgotten how unpredictable Image can be. When she's disqualified from her first race, they wonder if she has the temperament to race at all. How will Melanie prove that with a little special treatment, this very special filly can make it all the way to the Triple Crown?

Thoroughbred #47: Cindy's Desert Adventure by Joanna Campbell12 Thoroughbred #47: Cindy's Desert Adventure by Joanna Campbell

While recovering from surgery, Cindy McLean goes back and reads what she wrote in her diary so many years ago. Cindy is sure her racing career is over now, but years ago, it was just beginning.... Find out what happened in Cindy's own words as she travels to Arabian shores -- the ancient birthplace of the horse -- to work for Sheik al Rihani. There she learns that women are treated differently, especially women who want to race against men. But the more challenges she faces, the more determined Cindy becomes. Will the injured Cindy find inspiration in her spirited younger self?

Thoroughbred #48: Cindy's Bold Start by Joanna Campbell15 Thoroughbred #48: Cindy's Bold Start by Joanna Campbell

When Cindy McLean goes to Belmont to clean out her apartment, she finds her old diary and is taken back to the days when she started racing in New York, after she fled Dubai... Find out what happened in Cindy's own words as she struggled to compete against the best male jockeys in the country. She was new to tough Belmont trainers and had trouble getting rides. But Cindy never stopped trying, and in time she was winning big races on a filly no one else thought could run. Now that Cindy can't ride anymore, her life has changed drastically. She'll need to tap some of that old determination as she sets off boldly in a new direction.

Thoroughbred #49: Rising Star by Joanna Campbell17 Thoroughbred #49: Rising Star by Joanna Campbell

No one thought Wonder's Star would get well again. Everyone was certain he would never run another race. The racing press was calling him a has-been. But Christina Reese never gave up hope. Slowly and steadily she's been bringing Star back into racing condition. In her heart of hearts she still has Triple Crown dreams for them, but the Kentucky Derby is only a few months away and they're running out of time! Instead of starting with an easy local race, Christina enters Star in a tough Derby prep race, praying that he can withstand the grueling pace. Is it too much, too soon? Or will Star shine like the champion that he is?

Thoroughbred #50: Team Player by Joanna Campbell18 Thoroughbred #50: Team Player by Joanna Campbell

Parker Townsend and his Thoroughbred mare, Foxglove, have proven that they have the talent to compete in the Olympics in combined training. But they still haven't made the team. Parker can't figure it out. He's won more events than any of his competitors, and Foxy is in top form. No jump is too high for them, no dressage course too technical. So why haven't the Olympic stewards asked him to join the team? His trainer, Samantha McLain, knows why. Parker isn't a team player. He always does his best and usually wins, but sometimes that's not enough. In order to compete, Parker must show the Olympic stewards that he can help out his team members and ride for the team.

Thoroughbred #51: Distance Runner by Joanna Campbell13 Thoroughbred #51: Distance Runner by Joanna Campbell

A competitive bug is sweeping through Whitebrook Farm, and with the Kentucky Derby coming up soon, Christina Reese is feeling the pressure. Will she and her horse, Wonder's Star, really have what it takes to win Triple Crown races? Not if Star keeps misbehaving. What she and Star both need is a change of pace. Christina is given the chance to ride for another farm in California, so she packs her bags and takes Star with her. Her goal is to change Star's attitude in time for the Derby. But it may not be as easy as she thinks.

Thoroughbred #52: Perfect Challenge by Joanna Campbell14 Thoroughbred #52: Perfect Challenge by Joanna Campbell

Melanie Graham knows Image is Triple Crown material. The problem is, the filly is too smart for her own good. She's difficult to train, hates to be stabled indoors, and fights with other horses. But if Melanie is going to run Image in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont, the filly is going to have to get over herself. For practice, Melanie takes Image to Florida to run in an easy fillies-only race. But when Melanie gets to the track, she discovers that her father has entered Image in the prestigious Florida Derby instead. He badly needs the purse money to save his failing business and he truly believes Image can win. Melanie is doubtful. Will Image rise to the challenge?

Thoroughbred #53: Derby Fever by Joanna Campbell16 Thoroughbred #53: Derby Fever by Joanna Campbell

With the Kentucky Derby only a few weeks away, Christina Reese is stressed out. Star is in top form, but Christina is starting to wonder if the colt might be better off with a more experienced jockey in the saddle. Her mother and trainer, the renowned jockey Ashleigh Griffen, knows Christina is the only rider for Star. But she also knows what her daughter is feeling -- she's been there herself. Flash back to the days of old, when Ashleigh raced Wonder in the Triple Crown. Drawing inspiration from the past, Ashleigh dreams up a plan to calm Christina's nerves and prep her for the most exciting race of her life!

Thoroughbred #54: Cindy's Last Hope by Joanna Campbell1 Thoroughbred #54: Cindy's Last Hope by Joanna Campbell

Cindy McLean and her partner, Ben al-Rihani, can't find a jockey to ride Gratis in the Kentucky Derby. The only person besides Cindy who can handle the difficult horse is a stubborn and inexperienced groom named Wolf. But Cindy doesn't like Wolf's attitude, and refuses to give him a chance. Besides, he doesn't even have his jockey's license yet. Cindy wants to ride Gratis herself, risking irreparable damage to her already injured shoulder. Ben won't allow it. But stubborn Cindy is hard to stop. Will someone come to her rescue before it's too late?

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