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Thoroughbred #55: Great Expectations by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #55: Great Expectations by Joanna Campbell

Parker Townsend couldn't be more excited as he sets off for England to train for the Olympics, taking with him two headstrong horses and some very high hopes. At first he's thrilled to see the beautiful country estate where he'll be staying. But it's not too long before he discovers that the English do things very differently from what he's used to. Since he's a guest, he has to listen to whatever his trainers say, no matter how much he disagrees with them. Although Parker worries that this could jeopardize his Olympic Dream, he determined to find a way to prove to everyone, including himself, that he and his horses are Olympic caliber after all.

Thoroughbred #56: Hoofprints in the Snow by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #56: Hoofprints in the Snow by Joanna Campbell

Lyssa Hynde knows the Wyoming winters are cold, lonely, and dangerous. But she wouldn't give them up for anything. There's nothing she likes better than to gallop her three-day event horse, Blue, through knee-high fresh powder. One day when she's out for her morning ride, Lyssa follows a trail of mysterious hoofprints that takes her high into the mountains. Climbing a snowdrift, she and Blue set off an avalanche that builds in forces as it heads straight for her ranch. Will Lyssa make it home in time to warn her family and save the other animals? Will she find the mystery horse that led her astray in the first place?

Thoroughbred #57: Faith in a Long Shot by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #57: Faith in a Long Shot by Joanna Campbell

Melanie and Jazz couldn't be more thrilled when Image comes in second in the Florida Derby. This is just the kind of proof they've been waiting for -- Image is ready to race in the big leagues! With high hopes, they decide to enter her to race in the ultimate competition: the Kentucky Derby. Image has proven she has what it takes to win against other colts. But her competition at the derby will be really tough. Image will be running against Wonder's Star, Gratis, and Celtic Mist. Winning is a long shot. Does Melanie have enough faith in Image to make her derby dreams come true?

Thoroughbred #58: Christina's Shining Star by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #58: Christina's Shining Star by Joanna Campbell

As Christina Reese's high school graduation draws near, she's filled with questions and not enough answers. Has she sacrificed too much to follow her dream of taking Wonder's Star to the top? She and Star failed to place in the Kentucky Derby. Can they win the Preakness and still have time for Parker, Melanie, the prom, and graduation? An unexpected brush with the trainer of Affirmed -- the famous 1978 Triple Crown winner -- not only leaves Christina with some amazing insights, but confirms her belief in Star. Will Christina be able to show everyone how special Star is? Or will her doubts and distractions keep them out of the running ... again?

Thoroughbred #59: Star's Inspiration by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #59: Star's Inspiration by Joanna Campbell

Christina Reese has always known that Wonder's Star is special. But as the third race in the Triple Crown approaches, it's unclear whether Star is up to the challenge. The competition is getting tougher every minute, and Christina's so stressed out, she wonders whether all the pressure she's feeling will affect Star's concentration. But then Christina gets some fantastic tips from an unexpected source: a jockey who claims to have raced the legendary 1977 Triple Crown winner, Seattle Slew. Star and Seattle Slew have more in common than Christina ever realized. With this new advice -- and the amazing support of her family and friends -- Christina feels ready to take on the world at the Belmont! But will Star come through?

Thoroughbred #60: Taking the Reins by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #60: Taking the Reins by Joanna Campbell

Christina loves being a jockey. But a heartbreaking accident at the Belmont track forces her to reconsider veterinary medicine. Working with a horse that has Charismatic's bloodlines reminds Christina of Charismatic's amazing story -- how he unexpectedly won the Derby and the Preakness in 1999, only to go down in the Belmont with a broken leg. It would feel pretty great to help horses in similar situations. But how can she turn her back on Wonder's Star? Meanwhile, Melanie finds her relationship with her cousin strained when she decides to ride a horse for the very couple Christina holds responsible for her accident. For Melanie, her prospects as a jockey seem clear, but her future with the people she loves -- Christina, Jazz, and even Image -- is less certain. How will Melanie prove to Christina that she puts the people she loves first?

Thoroughbred #61: Parker's Passion by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #61: Parker's Passion by Joanna Campbell

Parker Townsend has always had one passion: eventing. And as he works with a legendary trainer in England, it seems as if Parker's dreams are about to come true. But Parker's scheming father, Brad, wants Parker to give up his ?foolish? dreams of competing in the Olympics to manage Townsend Acres when Brad retires. Parker isn't tempted . . . until Brad buys two horses whose lineages can be traced back to the legendary Welton line! Horses like these would improve Parker's chances of competing in the Olympics, and staying in Kentucky would mean more time with Christina. In his head, Parker knows that he'll be better off if he continues with his training . . . but his heart has other ideas.

Thoroughbred #62: Unbridled Fury by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #62: Unbridled Fury by Joanna Campbell

Now that Image is injured, Melanie needs to find another horse to race. She hasn't found one she feels really connected to just yet. But all that's about to change. While visiting Image at Townsend Acres, Melanie meets a gorgeous brown Thoroughbred named Hi Jinx -- he looks just like his ancestor, the famous racehorse Seabiscuit! Melanie feels an instant bond with this powerful animal. She and Jazz have been talking about owning a horse together, so why not this one? But before they even get back to Whitebrook, Hi Jinx starts acting up -- big-time! Will Melanie be able to get him to behave before it's too late?

Thoroughbred #63: Starstruck by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #63: Starstruck by Joanna Campbell

Christina is thrilled by Wonder's Star's recent wins on the track, but with Star's success comes some very strange -- and very creepy -- activity around the farm. First, someone breaks into the Whitebrook barn. Though physically unharmed, a jittery Star compels Christina to fly home abruptly from New York. Luckily, Christina's new friend Jessie is there to support her. For safety's sake, Christina is forced to move her renowned horse after the break-in. But when trouble follows Star to Whisperwood and then to Tall Oaks, she begins to fear for Star's well-being . . . and for her own. Christina may be left with only one option: to move Star to Townsend Acres, where the security is excellent, but where her nemesis, Brad Townsend, is surely up to no good.

Thoroughbred #64:The Price of Fame by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #64: The Price of Fame by Joanna Campbell

When Christina first moved Star to Townsend Acres to keep him safe from his stalker, she couldn't stand the thought of keeping him under Brad's roof. But now that they've settled in, she can't complain: The facilities are great and Brad is keeping a polite distance. But just when Christina begins to let down her guard, she makes a shocking discovery.... It turns out Brad is under a great deal of pressure from his investors to produce more moneymaking horses -- horses bred from winners like Star and Light Fandango, a descendant of the famous Kentucky Derby winner Northern Dancer. Christina begins to suspect that Brad will force her to breed Star with one of his mares as payment for boarding Star. Christina will do anything to keep Star safe from Brad, but will she have a choice?

Thoroughbred #65: Bridal Dreams by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #65: Bridal Dreams by Joanna Campbell

Preparing to welcome a baby to the family, Samantha and Tor are cleaning out the spare bedroom to make a nursery when they find their wedding album. It's been stored away for years and now brings back a lot of memories. Long ago, when she and Tor got engaged, Samantha began planning the most glorious wedding Kentucky had ever seen. But as the date neared, disaster followed disaster, forcing her to put her plans aside. First a mare went into premature labor; then a steeplechase horse with Man o' War's bloodlines needed their help; finally there was a terrible accident. Samantha was starting to think maybe she and Tor weren't meant to get married. After everything that had gone wrong, would their wedding day turn into another disaster?

Thoroughbred #66: Samantha's Irish Luck by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #66: Samantha's Irish Luck by Joanna Campbell

Samantha and Tor's month-long honeymoon in Ireland turns into a much longer stay when Samantha meets Finn, a massive sporthorse that is a descendant of Red Rum, steeplechasing's greatest horse. Samantha is enjoying such success with Finn that she and Tor settle into the idea that they'll be in Ireland for the rest of their lives. Then Tor gets an urgent call to return home to Kentucky. With the Grand National just weeks away, Tor urges Samantha to stay in Ireland but she still finds herself torn between her husband and her beloved horse. If only she didn't have such a nagging feeling about leaving Finn behind. She's sure something horrible is about to happen.

Thoroughbred #67: Breaking the Fall by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #67: Breaking the Fall by Joanna Campbell

After taking a year off to train with her beloved Star for the Breeders' Cup, Christina is back in silks riding a few preliminary races. But all her plans are shattered when she suffers a severe injury in a track accident. When she learns she won't be able to ride for at least three months, Christina reluctantly agrees to let Melanie train Star -- a situation that will begin to tear the cousins apart. Will they be able to mend their differences for Star's sake? And just what will Christina do while her injury heals?

Thoroughbred #68: Kaitlin's Wild Ride by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #68: Kaitlin's Wild Ride by Joanna Campbell

Like her hero, Parker Townsend, Kaitlin Boyce has big plans to event internationally one day. And she's got just the horse to help her do it, too -- a mare named Sterling Dream. But Kaitlin's dedication and determination are challenged when she meets a very handsome, charming young man named Connor. Soon Kaitlin's spending all her time with her new boyfriend instead of training her much-loved horse. If only Connor shared her passion for riding, Kaitlin wouldn't feel so torn. Eventually she's going to have to give up someone or something she loves. Will it be Connor or her beautiful horse . . . and her lifelong dream?

Thoroughbred #69: Melanie's Double Jinx by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #69: Melanie's Double Jinx by Joanna Campbell

With Christina sidelined by a broken ankle, Melanie is doing a lot of riding for Whitebrook, but none of it is quite to her satisfaction. There are just too many distractions. Jazz is more distant than ever after nearly selling Image to Brad Townsend. Kevin, who has been helping Melanie train Hi Jinx, has been stirring up old romantic feelings in Melanie. And even though Hi Jinx's training has been going pretty well, Melanie is worried about his prospects for the future. No matter what she does -- or how she looks at it -- Hi Jinx seems to be ... well ... jinxed.

Thoroughbred #70: Allie's Legacy by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #70: Allie's Legacy by Joanna Campbell

Orphan Allie is trying to feel at home at Tall Oaks, but she still has to live with the pain of losing both her parents and has the terrible sense that she doesn't belong anywhere. The Whitebrook, Whisperwood, and Tall Oaks families are doing everything they can to make her a part of life in Lexington, but she isn't sure where she fits in. Then Ben and Cindy buy Wonder's Legacy and bring him to Tall Oaks, where Allie takes it upon herself to draw Legacy out of his shell. But just as the horse starts to click with Allie, Brad Townsend shows up, reminding everyone that he owns a half interest in Legacy. Will Allie lose the first horse she's ever felt was her own?

Thoroughbred #71: Calamity Jinx by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #71: Calamity Jinx by Joanna Campbell

Life at Tall Oaks is great for Allie -- she feels at home with her new foster family and with life on a farm. But tensions are running high around her: Melanie and Kevin are bickering over Jinx's training; and even worse, Cindy, Allie's foster mom, and Ben, the farm's owner, seem to be having troubles of their own. Allie would do anything to help, but what can she do?

Thoroughbred #72: Legacy's Gift by Joanna Campbell Thoroughbred #72: Legacy's Gift by Joanna Campbell

Allie, now sixteen years old, is just one win away from becoming a full-fledged jockey. Everyone gathers at Tall Oaks to celebrate her achievement. At the festivities the jockeys and trainers reminisce about their favorite horses past and future. Inspired more than ever by their tales, Allie and her horse Wonder's Legacy set out for Whisper-wood to perfect their jumping skills and to look after a broodmare named Sterling Dream that is due to foal soon. But a failed attempt at cross-country jumping forces Allie and Legacy to slow down. It's only when Sterling disappears that they get back on track. Will they be able to save the missing mare and her unborn foal in time? Be sure to celebrate the rich history of the Thoroughbred series with all your favorite characters in this spectacular concluding volume.

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